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Emergency Vehicle Care Center Selling Service Info

Address: 1000 Corporate Parkway
Suite 101 Wentzville, MO  63385

Telephone: 636-332-6985
Toll Free: 800-325-8509

Available Services

Apparatus Repair & Maintenance

SCBA Flow Testing

SCBA Repairs

Repairs to SCBA’s will be billed on a time and material basis plus travel. Repairs covered by warranty are subject to the travel charge for pickup and delivery. Pickup and delivery of SCBA’s for service other than emergency service will be combined with other travel for service to lower the cost as outlined in the travel policy above

Quantitative Fit Testing

Hydrostatic Testing of Breathing Air Cylinders

Compressor Maintenance & Service

Gas Detection Service & Calibration

Service and calibration of your single gas, four gas, and five gas detectors.

Amkus Rescue Systems Repair

Air Sample Testing

Air sample testing to ensure compressor is providing Grade D breathing air. Testing results can be expedited for an additional cost. Contact us for complete details.

Evaluation Fee

There is an evaluation fee on all equipment of $ 40.00 dollars. That fee is waived if you decide to have your equipment repaired or purchase new equipment. This fee only applies to equipment that we have evaluated and you have decided to not to repair.

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