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See more at Ajax Rescue Tools — 

Since 1946, Ajax Tool Works has been recognized as one of America’s finest quality manufacturers for specialty tools and accessories. In discovering a need for our particular type of cutting tools, Ajax became a pioneer in emergency extrication tools, introducing our first air hammer rescue kit almost 40 years ago. From this single kit has grown a complete line of rescue kits designed to meet any department’s need or budget from the smallest volunteer rescue squad to the largest municipal fire department.

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See more at Akron Brass —

Akron Brass is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high performance fire fighting and rescue equipment as well as lighting and multiplexing designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel engaged in fire suppression, emergency medical response, and pupil transportation.

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See more at Aluminum Ladder —

Since 1930, the Alco-Lite name has been synonymous with quality, dependability, and service. For these reasons, all types of departments – paid and volunteer, large and small – throughout the United States and the world, use Alco-Lite fire ladders. Founded by Samuel Carbis, the Aluminum Ladder Company began producing fire ladders at the request of the Oslo fire department. They were in need of a large extension ladder, which would not be too heavy for their firefighters to lift – soon an industry was born.

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See more at Amkus Tools —

AMKUS is an American owned and American operated company. The AMKUS factory for the world is located Valparaiso, IN. AMKUS has invested in high-tech computer-aided machines to increase production and allow us to manufacture innovative designs. We are continually improving existing products and introducing new innovative tools to make extrications safer, faster and easier to perform. We welcome our customers to stop in for a tour and see AMKUS equipment being made.

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See more at Black Diamond —

Black Diamond is a leading brand of performance protective footwear.  Our highly acclaimed fire boots are used by fire departments around the world and are developed with the finest, most durable materials and components to endure the extraordinary demands placed on firefighters.  Black Diamond is the only brand in the industry to combine the latest technologies for superior comfort and performance in harsh conditions. They are the only boots to be certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and receive the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Approval.

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See more at Blackinton —

We embrace our American-manufacturing heritage. We’re proud that our badges are made in the USA!  Far-and-away the industry leader, Blackinton® is the largest manufacturer of badges and uniform insignia. Each badge is attentively crafted by uniquely skilled individuals – all in one secure facility – achieving artistry in metal. Over 150 years ago Virgil H. Blackinton inspired exacting standards that are strictly enforced to this day! We combine old world craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technologies – producing the world’s finest quality badges and uniform insignia.

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See more at C & R Industries

The phenomenal success of our business is a result of years of hard, smart work in a competitive space, but the real success is because of the wonderful clients that continue to utilize our proven solutions. We are proud to offer our continued products and services for so many years to such a broad and perse customer base, and will continue to develop the solutions you and your business have come to rely upon.

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See more at C&S Supply

We know that choosing the right nozzle is tough, that’s why we’ve specialized in it for over 20 years.

C & S Supply manufacturers, imports, sells and services fire hose nozzles, valves and foam products. Our nationwide distributor network can help you select the right product for the job.

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See more at CET FirePumps

C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg has been manufacturing reliable, high quality portable fire pumps for
over 80 years ! The origin of C.E.T Fire Pumps Mfg dates back to 1908.

Presently C.E.T. Fire Pumps MFG offers a complete line of portable fire pumps with over 20 standard models to choose from including gas and diesel engines, skid mounted, trailer mounted, floating and more !

Additionally C.E.T. Fire Pumps Mfg offers custom manufacturing to meet your specialized requirements. C.E.T. Fire pumps Mfg currently produces over 1500 pumps annually from its Canadian and U.S.A manufacturing facilities, serving both domestic and international markets.

Our specialization in product development and production of portable fire pumps, in addition to personalized customer service allows us to offer unmatched value in the portable fire pump market.

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See more at Chemgaurd

Chemguard develops and produces fire suppression foams, equipment, and systems, specialty foam pumps, and fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals for demanding applications around the globe. An ISO 9001 company, we are known for our advanced R&D, engineering/design expertise, quality manufacturing, and unmatched customer support.


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CMC Rescue Equipment was founded in 1978 to provide rescuers with the equipment they needed to safely and successfully save lives. More than a quarter of a century later, our mission remains the same: to provide rescuers with a reliable and knowledgeable source of equipment and training. CMC Rescue is now a leading designer, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of rescue equipment — as well as a respected emergency response educator. And, we still maintain the same personal, hands-on approach we started with.

The entire CMC Rescue team recognizes the importance of meeting our customer’s needs. Whether they are in sales, the school, manufacturing, shipping, or accounting, staff members realize that they have to provide high quality products that can be counted on by rescuers in the field. We strive daily to continue to earn our reputation for service and for products that out-perform expectations. Our dedication to this goal has been to maintain our ISO 9001 Certification.

All of us at CMC would like to thank our loyal customers for their enthusiasm and support over the past 3 decades. As equipment manufacturers, trainers, and rescuers ourselves, we are part of the emergency services community. We measure our success by the confidence our customers have in our products. Every time they go out the door to save a life, we feel we are going with them.
CMC Rescue Inc – Quality Policy reflects CMC’s unwavering commitment to quality.
“We are committed to consistently meeting our customers’ needs while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations of our products and services.”

For more info, please go to

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See more at CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue’s full-time engineering department is responsible for product design, quality assurance, design documentation, testing, and coordinating the certification of products to industry standards. Combining engineering principles with experience gained in the field has made CMC Rescue a leader in the design and manufacture of rescue equipment. We also contribute engineering staff time to NFPA, ASTM, SPRAT, and the Cordage Institute and other organizations working to develop national standards.

CMC’s ongoing testing program is also key to the quality of our products. In order to know how to make products stronger, you have to break them. If you’re going to make products perform better, you have to use them. Our testing program includes in-house testing, field testing by our instructors and engineering staff, and additional test support from key manufacturers. CMC verifies in-house testing through independent laboratories and certification organizations.

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See more at Code 3


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See more at Darley


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See more at David Clark

David Clark Company Fire/EMS Communication Systems have a proven track record of dependable performance and rugged reliability. Whether you choose our Series 3800 wired vehicle intercom system, or the Series 9900 wireless system, David Clark noise-attenuating headsets, system components and accessories will enhance firefighter safety and critical communications, both en route and at the scene. Our systems have been installed by thousands of fire departments and first responder agencies around the world.

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See more at Dicke Tools-

Dicke Safety Products manufactures a wide range of quality equipment for use in work areas and emergency traffic control zones. Products include roll-up signs, sign stands, safety apparel, flags, barricade lights, and stop/slow paddles. We also manufacture various tools for the utility and arborist industries. Our product line ranges from NCHRP-350 compliant portable sign stands and roll-up signs to high visibility safety apparel and ladder stabilizing straps.

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See more at Dive Rescue


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See more at Duo Safety —

Duo-Safety Ladder Corporation is a privately owned company started in 1931 and incorporated in Wisconsin in 1933.  The Corporation has been in the same family since its start and is now welcoming in the 3rd generation. We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of fire fighting ladders in North America.   We sell and ship to all fifty states and Canada daily and deal with every fire truck manufacturer in the United States and North America.  Recently we have also extended our market to include various foreign countries.

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See more at Edwards Manufacturing —

Edwards Manufacturing is a family-owned business that has been producing a variety of products since 1875. What began with the manufacture of farm implements, plows and culverts has evolved into one of the premiere manufacturers of ironworking machines, tooling and hydraulic accessory tools in the world.

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See more at Elkhart Brass —

Welcome to Elkhart Brass Company. Elkhart Brass is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high performance fire fighting and rescue equipment as well as lighting and multiplexing designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel engaged in fire suppression, emergency medical response, and pupil transportation.

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See more at Euramco Safety —

Designed, Engineered and Built For the Toughest Workplace Conditions. Whether you’re fighting on the front line, maintaining a city’s gas lines or heating emergency shelters, a safe and controlled atmosphere is needed to make your difference. Euramco Safety’s RAMFAN’s help you make that difference by offering you The Force™ to control your atmosphere. RAMFAN turbo blowers are engineered and built to meet the toughest workplace conditions using lightweight materials and high-performance turbofan blades. This new approach has resulted in a lighter, smaller, portable ventilator line while increasing durability, performance and value.

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See more at Evac Systems 

We make fine, top quality rescue paks and bags for every emergency situation. Our products are used by every branch of the military, at Westpoint, in major municipal fire departments across the country, industrial fire and rescue teams, The National Parks Department, by top fire and rescue training organizations, and by the EMS crews at the White House and aboard Air Force One.

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See more at Federal Signal Corporation —

Has been the driving force for public safety products and systems essential to first responders and work truck applications for more than a half century. We have the industry experience. We have the breadth of products. We have the comprehensive vehicular solutions. That’s why it should come as no surprise that we provide the innovation for the latest technological breakthroughs in audible and visual signaling, Automatic License Plate Recognition and Digital In-Car Video to our portfolio. Clear the way…risk reduction solutions.

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See more at Fire Hooks Unlimited —

Fire Hooks Unlimited, Inc. is a manufacturer of a variety of specialized emergency services equipment. Fire Hooks personnel invent, modify, improve, and redesign emergency services equipment to meet the needs of workers who are confronted with a wide variety of extremely hazardous and life threatening emergencies.

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See more at FireResearch

Founded in 1968, Fire Research Corp. (FRC) has been manufacturing innovative products designed for the Fire and Safety Industry for over four decades. Safety equipment, controls, instrument displays, scene lights, and station accessories are shipped to truck builders, dealers, and fire departments throughout the world. Whether it is used at the scene during operations, for training, or in the station house, each product is specifically designed to promote a safer working environment.
In 2013, FRC purchased FoamPro, the world leader for foam proportioning systems. FoamPro division offers fully-automatic foam proportioning systems, regardless of changes in flow or pressure. Numerous models and options are designed to meet unique requirements as encountered in municipal, wildland, marine, industrial, ARFF and CAFS applications.
FRC and FoamPro are housed in a 38,000 square feet facility located in Nesconset, NY. The facility houses all manufacturing, production, engineering, corporate, sales and service groups. This complex includes: Automated Machine Shops; Paint Shop with Powder Coating Booth and Oven; Mechanical Assembly, Scene-Lighting, and Electronic Production Lines; Sewing Shop; Flow and Pressure Pump Test Station; Electrical/Electronic Design and Software Programming Test Labs.
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See more at FireFlySigns

Our story begins in 1945 with Ray and Ruth Allison and a garage. In those days screen printing was the only option for the products they produced. They traveled around the United States securing new Dealers for their products, and they sold the very best products in the world.

Over the years, there were many changes in the Allison family ownership, where children and then grandchildren of Ray and Ruth had their hands in the daily operations and successes of the company. The same is true for the scores of employees and management in which everyone involved help to see the company’s successful longevity through today.

In the last years of the Allison family owning the business, the company started to grow in new directions like full vehicle graphics, road and highway signage and business signage, while continuing to serve the Fire, Police and other EMS industries through our loyal dealers. The growth in the retail market was phenomenal, because people became aware of what Reflective could do for their business at a reasonable cost.

Early in 2015, the Allison’s as a family decided to sell the company to their long term employees. Today, we are continuing their traditions of quality products and moving more into the world of technology with new equipment, a new larger location with a store front and new website; all while keeping the time honored business model of the Allison family.

We are very honored today to be a part of such a great company, that Ray and Ruth Allison started in their garage right here in McMinnville Oregon.

Special thanks is given to our former board of directors and owner’s representatives Rick (and Laqueta Allison), Nancy Allison, MaryLou Allison, Robert Allison, Andrew Allison, and Kim Preston for all the caring and love they  have shown the staff over the years. They will not be forgotten.

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See more at Firequip

We have provided helpful articles such as “How to Buy Fire Hose” and the “Proper Care and Handling of Hose” and “How To” videos in the Additional Information section. These will serve as a guide for selecting the right hose to meet your desired application as well as prolonging the life of a significant investment. Purchasing hose is one of the most important decisions you have in providing a reliable source of water in every fire ground situation, protecting not only your firemen but enabling them to protect the people and property of your community. These “lifelines” remain the most critical pieces of equipment in your arsenal and these decisions of types and sizes must be made after careful assessment of all options. In order to make a fact-based, informed decision, please call on our experience of thirty-five years of serving the fire service industry for our free consulting services.

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See more at Fol-Da-Tank

Fol-Da-Tank® Company patented the first folding tank in 1954 and introduced it to firefighters who immediately recognized it’s value and quality. Fol-Da-Tank Company has proven to be the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural and forestry needs. The company designs and manufactures the tanks in 9 standard sizes with steel or aluminum frames available.

Self-Supporting tanks are another specialty that the company manufactures. Sizes range from 500-20,000 gallons. These tanks are used for rural and forestry emergencies.

Other products available include: Floating and Low Level Strainers, Supply Line Holders, Clapper Valves, Salvage Covers, Triage Tarps and Secondary Containment Berms.

Fol-Da-Tank sells to the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Army, Navy and many other government agencies. The Fol-Da-Tank is known world wide not only for firefighting but also for oil spill clean up and storage. Our products are also used on the North Slope of Alaska for emergency containment.

Fol-Da-Tanks are manufactured at our facility in Milan, Illinois. From welding the frame to painting the frame we have total quality control. The liners for the tanks are also manufactured at our plant. We use only top grade U.S. made industrial fabrics. We have tanks that are 15-20 years old that have been sent back for repairs and can last at least another 5 years. SEE WARRANTY MENU BAR.  PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

Our design staff can custom design your tanks to meet special storage needs. Just call and we can quote your custom designs.

The Float-Dock Strainer® was also invented by the founder of Fol-Da-Tank, Giles Eldred, in 1954 and is still being sold worldwide as a dependable piece of firefighting equipment.

The patented “Rol-La-Tank®”™ (U.S. Patent # 7,036,676 B2) is now being used in critical remote areas by the U.S. Forest Service and military.

The Fol-Da-Tank Company is always willing to work with firefighters to help provide the safest products in the industry.

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See more at Gear Cleaning Solutions

Turnout Gear Cleaning, Inspection and Repair

GCS is a full service ISP (Independent Service Provider) owned and operated by firefighters. It is the goal of GCS to help any size fire department develop and implement an NFPA 1851 selection, care and maintenance program. Our state of the art facility has experienced, knowledgeable staff that can help you and your department create a compliant care and maintenance program.

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See more at Gemtor

Gemtor, Inc. is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of fall protection, confined space retrieval and rescue equipment.  All Gemtor products are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in the industry, always meeting and usually exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards.  Our Reputation for quality, customer service and fast shipping has made Gemtor one of the most recognizable names in the industry.  So “. . . when your life is on the line™”, you’ll feel secure knowing your equipment has the Gemtor name on it.

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See more at Glove FireSuits

Globe is the oldest, largest, and most trusted manufacturer of turnout gear in the world. For over 130 years, Globe has been providing high quality, customized gear that combines innovative design and construction methods, the skills of our experienced employees, the highest quality standards, and our state-of-the-art customized manufacturing equipment and processes.

Globe operates two plants that build turnout gear (Pittsfield, New Hampshire and Ada, Oklahoma) and one that builds footwear (Auburn, Maine). These plants incorporate some of the latest cutting and sewing manufacturing technology available and employ 425 employees in more than 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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See more at Groves INC

Since 1980, Groves Incorporated has been a leader in storage and transportation systems. After pioneering the open-air turnout storage system to support the fire and safety industry, Groves Incorporated expanded its Ready Rack product line. From storage racks, to cleaning and drying equipment, to hose and SCBA storage, we take pride in providing the highest quality products to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Today, Groves Incorporated sells products under three divisions through a strong distribution network.

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See more at Harrington Inc

A worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for the fire industry. Harrington manufactures Storz Adapters, LDH Appliances, V-Groove hose couplings and AWG Fittings for water delivery systems for the Fracking industry. We maintain our leadership position by providing our customers with products that meet and exceed their specifications.

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See more at Havis


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haix_logo_fireOne of the most important investments a firefighter can make is in his boots, because pain and discomfort in your feet can distract you from the firefight. Firefighting boots can be Structural, Wildland, USAR, or HAZMAT or any combination thereof. NFPA sets the standard for safety in your firefighting boots.  Make sure your boots are NFPA certified, not just NFPA compliant. NFPA certified means those boots have been put through rigorous testing to the NFPA standard by an independent third party. NFPA compliant means that those boots are estimated to pass the NFPA standard, but haven’t actually been put to the test. HAIX® firefighting boots have all been tested and approved as NFPA certified. At HAIX®, quality is the number one priority. HAIX® fire boots are made to perform well when you most need it while protecting you from the elements.

CLICK HERE for additional product information.

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See more at Honeywell

A Fortune 100 company with approximately $40B in sales in 2015, Honeywell creates solutions that improve quality of life for people around the globe — generating clean, healthy energy, and using it more efficiently; increasing our safety and security; enabling people to connect, communicate, and collaborate; and equipping our customers to be even more productive. Our Great Positions in Good Industries have been a huge driver of our portfolio development and organic growth across industries, including homes and building, aviation, defense and space, oil and gas, industrial, chemicals and vehicles.


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See more at Husqvarna —

Husqvarna is a world leader in the construction and stone industries. Our extensive construction product range includes machines, diamond tools and all accessories that you need for cutting, sawing and drilling, as well as polishing floors. The stone product range is comprised of a variety of different diamond tools for quarries and the stone processing industry.

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See more at Junkin Safety —

Junkin Safety Appliance Company is located in Louisville Kentucky. We have been manufacturing a variety of safety, rescue and survival equipment in the USA since 1932. Our products include Basket Stretchers, Plastic Stretchers, Aluminum Break-apart Stretchers, Air-Rescue Stretchers, Aluminum and Steel Pole Stretchers with Vinyl Covers, Stretcher Kits, Stretcher Accessories, Wooden and Polyethylene Backboards,  Evacuation Chairs, First Aid Equipment, and Fire Blankets.

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See more at Kochek —

Kochek Co., Inc was founded in 1988 by Greg Kozey, the President of our company. Soon after formation he was joined by Charles Kozey who serves as Vice President. We are a technologically advanced manufacturing company located in Connecticut, USA. We are proud to say that we are one of America’s leading manufacturers of quality water movement products.

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See more at Kussmaul —

Started operations in September 1967 as Kussmaul Engineering Company and at that time provided consulting engineering and design services in the field of servomechanisms and automatic control. The company is privately held and now occupies its own modern manufacturing facility in West Sayville, New York.

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See more at Majestic Fire Apparel

Majestic Fire Apparel, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fire retardant hoods, accessories and ARC rated apparel. Our materials are knit and sewn at our facility located at the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, our policy is to maintain a compliant Quality Management System.

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See more at Majestic

Majestic sells Personal Protective Equipment to many customers, working in a wide range of areas like:
  • (Petro) chemical industry
  • Laboratorial
  • Metal industry
  • Steel- and shipbuilding industry
  • Transport industry
  • Off-shore industry
  • Food industry
  • Farmer- and glasshouse industry
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See more at Mateflex

At Matéflex we know sports and flooring. That’s why we engineer all our state-of-the-art sports surfaces for peak performance and near bulletproof durability. Our modular floor tiles are portable and extremely low maintenance. And that’s not all – these tiles are affordable and easy to install.


Matéflex is the oldest U.S. modular tile manufacturer. We’ve been doing this since 1974 and we keep finding new ways to do it better.

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See more at MatJack

Established in 1981, MatJack has grown from simple beginnings to be an industry leader with cutting edge technology and worldwide distribution. Matjack / IIPI products are designed and manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana USA with distribution offices in Europe. Matjack / IIPI has a reputation for quality products and customer service second to none.

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See more at NuplaTools

Go to NUPLA®, the leader in U.S. manufacturing of specialty industrial grade hand tools. The pioneer and innovator of TCP (Tension – Continuous – Parallel) pultruded Nuplaglas®, NUPLA produces the strongest and safest fiberglass-handled tools available. In its 55,000 square foot facility in Sun Valley, California the company produces over 1,600 hand tools including soft-face and steel hammers, shovels, rakes, axes, non-conductive tools and replacement handles.

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See more at Paratech

PARATECH is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer headquartered in the United States, with offices in Europe and distributors around the world. The factory, located in Frankfort, Illinois (approximately 30 miles southwest of Chicago), is fully CNC equipped with extensive molding capabilities. All PARATECH products are designed by PARATECH engineers and all processes that include milling, turning, rubber molding and assembly are performed at the factory in Frankfort, Illinois. We take pride in the fact that our goal is to provide the highest quality products we can design and produce.


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See more at Pelican

Pelican Products, Inc. continues to reign as the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Their products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire / safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

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See more at PGI


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See more at

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See more at Pro Tech 8

TechTrade LLC, the holding company for Pro-Tech 8 Gloves, was started in 2003. After seeing a need to improve personal protective equipment and bring to the market new 21st century global innovations the Pro-Tech 8 glove brand was born, combining technology with performance.

Our design and manufacturing team work collaboratively to choose materials, create designs and develop innovative products that provide daily users the safety and confidence needed to perform their jobs at the highest level.

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See more at R&B

For over 40 years we have established industry standards. Our innovative designs and high quality workmanship have made us the leaders in the industry. We provide well-designed, high quality and practical products. The majority of the products you see on this website are made in our shop. We use absolutely the strongest, highest quality materials available.

These items represent the stock items manufactured by R&B Fabrications, Inc. We have also designed hundreds of other items, and our expert design department can build products to suit your specific needs. Custom silk screening is available for an additional charge. We will be happy to quote on your special requirements.

Our bags might be more expensive, but we firmly believe that they are the best in the world.

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See more at Red Head Brass

For over 40 years, Red Head Brass has been the leader in high quality fittings used primarily in the firefighting arena. Quality of product and safety go hand-in-hand, and we have refused to “cut corners”, use gimmicks, or lower the quality of our product to achieve another sale. Although we value every sale, we value even more the safety and lives of those brave men and women who depend on the performance of our products

When you use Red Head Brass products, you not only support our members, but thousands of other Americans that produce our raw materials, perform outside operations, and those who deliver our products to you. We proudly use domestic aluminum extrusions, castings and forgings throughout our product line. We take great pride when we say “Made in U.S.A!”

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See more at Rescue Resources

For over 20 years Rescue Resources has built a solid reputation by providing quality confined space rescue and entry services. We are an innovative team that was developed to manage your confined space and high level risk. We specialize in both confined space rescue with regards to OSHA 1910.146 and high level/fall protection rescue with regards to the ANSIz359 standard for any repair or construction in the vertical environment.

  • Rescue teams
  • PRCS / OSHA compliance
  • Program development
  • Annual program reviews
  • Hazard assessments & identification
  • Entry procedures
  • Rescue procedure & Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) development
  • Entry team support
  • Rescue training
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See more at Scott Safety

Scott Safety, a Tyco business, is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment and safety devices for firefighters, industrial workers, police squads, militaries, homeland security forces, and rescue teams around the world. With five global manufacturing locations, Scott products protect thousands of individuals each day from environmental hazards including smoke, toxic fumes, combustible gases, falling objects, and contaminants. The Scott product line includes self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), supplied air and air-purifying respirators, PPE, gas and flame detection instruments, thermal imaging cameras, and firefighter communications and accountability devices.

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See more at Smart Power —

Is a subsidiary of Nartron Corporation, a 41 year-old high technology company.  Nartron was recently named as “One of America’s 50 most innovative companies” by Inc. Magazine and has been a long-term supplier to the United States military.  Nartron holds hundreds of Apatents and sells sense and control system hardware to major automotive, motorcycle, heavy equipment and appliance manufacturers, as well as to many other industries.

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See more at South Park Corp 

For over 74 years Suth Park Corporation has been dedicated to providing Fire Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers throughout the country with quality products. ince our incorporation in 1932, the founding philosophy of South Park Corporation has remained unchanged: To provide manufacturers and dealers in fire-fighting apparatus and municipal fire department supplies with the finest of workmanship and materials at reasonable prices.

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See more at Streamlight —

Is a “hands-on” company. We learn by doing, so we understand what our customers need because we’re out there doing what they do, using the same lighting tools in the same ways. We go through firefighters’ training. We take courses in low-light shooting. We’re hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Our sporting goods sales manager is an avid hunter and takes his Streamlight flashlight on his many hunting trips. Many of our law enforcement sales managers are gun collectors, hunters and competitive shooters. We believe it’s our hands-on, real-world experience that leads to new ideas and innovations that set Streamlight apart. Who knows what we’ll come up with next?

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See more at Super Vac —

Is the world leader in the manufacturing of emergency ventilation products. AddTeam Equipmentitionally, Super Vac has two other divisions: one that builds custom rescue vehicles, and the other that manufactures floodlighting towers. All of these products are sold to fire departments and industry throughout the United States and around the world.


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See more at Task Force Tips —

Ever since the invention of the fire pump, firefighters have been plagued with the difficulty of obtaining correct nozzle pressures for nozzles. Based on a simple and reliable design, Task Force Tip nozzles solve this dilemma by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hoseline. First developed by Clyde McMillan, the Company is still managed with the personal touch of the McMillan family. Over the years, many additional products have evolved to make firefighting more effective and safer for firefighters around the world.

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See more at Team Equipment –

As a leading provider of Firefighting Equipment and Rescue Equipment, for decades TEAM has continuously proven to be extremely adept at selecting and offering top performance tools for the Fire and Rescue Industry. TEAM’s commitment to carrying the highest quality and most reliable Firefighting and Rescue Tools is matched only by their relentless pursuit of the highest standard of customer service.  Fire Fighters and Rescue Personnel know the importance of reliable performance. They know TEAM has been tested and they know TEAM is trusted.

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See more at Tecgen Xtreme Wildland Gear –

Meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance standards isn’t just a mission statement; it’s woven into everything we do. That’s why we made TECGEN® fiber far more protective than it needed to be. The patented fiber with its high-density carbonaceous shell absorbs incredible heat, yet allows the comfortable inside fiber to remain untouched. So all you’ll feel is cool and comfortable.

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See more at Tempest

More than three decades ago, Tempest found its start in producing quality, American made hot-air  balloon inflators for professionals and hobbyists around the nation. Shortly after inception, we were involved in the pioneering of a new firefighting technique called positive pressure ventilation/attack or  PPV/PPA. Tempest’s high performance inflators were just what the fire industry was looking for in deployment of this ground breaking tactic. PPV became well known for its success along with Tempest’s reputation for being the first and only manufacturer with the perfect tool for the job at hand. Since then, Tempest has grown substantially to become the world’s leading producer of tools used in a wide array of ventilation applications. All products manufactured by Tempest Technology Corp. have one goal in mind, making hazardous environments safer.

While Tempest owes much of its success to the fire industry and  the adoption of positive pressure ventilation and attack, two specific areas of focus for the company have  helped us maintain our leadership in the development and manufacturing of premium ventilators: an obsession for producing only the finest quality tools and equipment and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

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See more at TNT Tools


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“NOT STANDARD SAFETY, THE SAFETY STANDARD” – Trellchem® chemical protective suits draw from over 100 years of profound knowledge and competence within the polymer materials field. All suits are developed and manufactured in-house, thus providing personal protective equipment with the highest quality available.

The complete range consists of both gastight suits; re-usable as well as limited re-use, and various models of splash protective suits. Accompanying this suit range is a vast line of unique components further adding to making the Trellchem® suits the first choice for the most demanding requirements set by both first responders as well as industrial users.

The Trellchem® gastight suits are tested and certified to the toughest standards in the world: NFPA 1991 and EN 943-2/ET and with its broad range of gastight suits, Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) has established the most complete line of NFPA 1991 & EN 943-2 certified products ever.

For us this is not just standard safety.

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We produce quality safety products, almost all from 100% recycled plastic.  We are committed to being a sustainability leader and our corporate environmental philosophy starts at home.  We utilize skylights and solar powered energy to illuminate our corporate headquarter offices.  We subscribe to zero waste and zero wood policies in both our manufacturing and office practices.

Turtle Plastics™ is a global leader in providing innovated environmental, health and safety products such as our Turtle Tile™ line of anti-fatigue matting, the Dura Crib and Dura Stat™ cribbing and blocking stabilization systems, Hose Jumper™ hose bridge system and our new Turtle Tube™ grain bin rescue sleeve.  We strive to find solutions to simple or complex safety requirements.

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United Plastic Fabricating innovates plastic products for the fire, trucking and industrial markets. We ensure all our products are designed and fabricated to your specific needs. From the highest quality products to being cost effective, UPF has proven to be the better way.

Since creating our first Poly Tank for the fire industry, we have gone on to develop other fire related products; as well as venturing into new industries. We have developed several products for the trucking industry, including the PolyBody, which is the world’s first polypropylene service body.

Some of our products include poly water tanks, poly storage tanks, tow truck bodies and custom poly tanks.

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The Will-Burt Company (, located in Orrville, Ohio, is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions – the world’s one stop shop offering virtually every payload elevation solution from one source – for military, fire, cellular, broadcast, entertainment and other applications. Will-Burt also designs and manufactures military and other shelters made of all-composite materials that deliver higher performance at lower life cycle cost than metal or partial composite shelters. Will-Burt’s LINX security solutions provide integrated access control and intrusion detection certified to protect critical assets. Will-Burt also offers a variety of manufacturing services backed by an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system and a 14001:2004 environmental management system. Incorporated in 1918, Will-Burt is 100% employee-owned and is classified as a small business.

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We specialize in heavy-duty rescue tool holders, Spanner wrenches, Span-Hammers, aluminum wheel chocks and holders, Aluminum soft blow hammers for manufacturing, and many other products.

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For over fifty years Ziamatic Corp has provided the men and women of emergency services with the equipment they need to make their jobs safer, easier and more efficient. We’re proud to offer a wide range of economical, high quality, and innovative products designed to exceed the demands of this ever-evolving industry. From SCBA brackets to forcible entry tools, ladder access systems to wheel chocs, if you want quality, you want Zico.

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“We will never forget  the courageous men and women who lay their lives on the line to save the lives of others. May God Bless you all and keep you safe.”

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